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Sales Enablement - The Future of Selling is Digital and Human

Recently, there was an interesting discussion in the Sales Enablement Society forum about the main orientation of the sales enablement function.

Is sales enablement strategic or tactical? How do you recognise its mode?

It’s almost a bit like asking if light is a particle or a wave?

The scientists among you surely know that the answer is: it depends!


We have all done it. Asking the customer questions that are answered with a yes or no.

Do you protect your network from malicious attacks? Do you get any rewards for making business purchases?

These are examples for closed questions that force the customer to answer with a simple yes or no. And if your customer isn’t very chatty in the first place you will have a hard time to keep the conversation going and, if you do, it sounds more like an interrogation rather than a conversation!


The Wow experience First impression counts! You hired new sales reps, managers and leaders and now they are looking forward to their first day at your firm. Make that first day an amazing experience!

You want them to think:

Wow, I have joined an amazing company and team!


There is a lot of value in measuring the success of any sales training. You can measure the reaction, knowledge, application, business impact and even ROI. It’s an important way of evaluating your training and its effectiveness. Does it move the needle?


GROW is a very popular coaching coaching model. I first learned about it when I was moving into a sales support people leader role. My manager was the VP of sales for international markets. As part of my on-boarding into this new role I attended a training course for new people managers hosted by the Irish Management Institute.

The course was excellent, with high quality content and exceptional delivery as well as a lot of participant engagement. The GROW model stuck in my mind until today! It’s such a great acronym. It always reminds me of business GROWth through people. The other thing I like about it is it’s simplicity!


Let’s be honest. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a somewhat magic PowerPoint deck template from marketing or sales enablement where you just had to insert the customer’s name and logo and you could take it to your first meeting and present your amazing solution and tell your prospect how great your company is and then the customer would sign the order?


Why is coaching important?

As a sales or sales leader your responsibility is to lead your sales reps and help them develop their sales skills and career. Not all sales reps manage to achieve their targets. You will have a few reps that achieve and exceed targets, many will be mid-performers and some might really struggle.


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